Boys Town is one of the most influential non-for-profit organizations. with over 100 years of services to at-risk youth and families. Boys Town has been serving the Washington DC area since 1992. Boys Town partners with Show Up Stand Out to provide truancy interventions in both DCPS and DCPS Charter schools currently were offer the following programs:

Care Coordination service- 6 to the 9-month free case management program. Consultants work inside the homes 1 hour per week to reduce truancy barriers for the entire family. In addition, this intervention provides resource access to the family to minimize truancy concerns. Examples of resources are jobs, resumes, mental health services, housing resources, etc.

In-Home Family Services- 3 to 6 months free case management program. Consultants work inside the home for 2 to 3 hours a week to reduce truancy and behavioral barriers for the entire family. In addition, this intervention provides life skills focus on behavioral modification. Examples are homework help, bedtime schedules, rewards, consequences, and strategies to address other behaviors. The consultant is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Common Sense Parenting- 6-week parenting skills workshop. Trainers conduct virtual or in-person classes for 2 hours during the six-week training. This intervention teaches the parents how to praise, consequences, reward, plan, stay calm, conduct family meetings and follow up on behaviors they are dealing with at home. In addition, parents are provided a CSP book and CSP workbook. During the six weeks, parents will role-play and are assigned homework. At the end of the training, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Behavioral Health Clinic: This intervention is either in person or virtual. The psychologist works with the family on behavioral issues. We have several assessments that we use to evaluate and create treatment plans and strategies to support the youth. We have 3 locations (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia).

Boys Town SUSO Summer Program: We provide social skills while engaging students and parents in educational and fun activities. Students are required to complete a project and conduct a presentation at the end of camp. Previous activities for our summer programs are as followed; pool, bike riding, sports, museums, cooking, gardening, and physical education.